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Evolution Revolution: The Interconnectedness of All Beings

Evolution/Revolution: Interconnectedness of all Beings is a collaborative exhibition between Buddha Cat Press, ten renowned visual artists and SoCiArts Productions. The show is curated by Karen Fiorito and features the works of William Wegman, Robbie Conal, Sue Coe, Gee Vaucher, Peter Kuper, Yuri Shimojo, Emek, Jonathan Horowitz, Cole Gerst and Karen Fiorito.



Buddha Cat Press is a socially conscious fine art print shop located in Downtown Los Angeles. We specialize in silkscreen printing and linoleum. We create and sell our own prints, give workshops, and publish fine art prints with visual artists of all kinds. Past clients include El Mac, Robbie Conal, Mear One, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Paper Works Lab, Chaz and Winston Smith.


Society of Cinema and Arts or SoCiArts is a production company and online community dedicated to promoting positive social change through the arts and media. SoCiArts’ mission is to create a vibrant environment for creative visionaries to come together and focus on conscious creativity and positive activism to intersect world’s cultures in a constructive manner. Membership with SoCiArts is free and open to anyone and everyone. For more information visit:


Santa Monica Art Studios is a 22,000 square foot hangar where artists work in private studio spaces and can participate in classes, lectures, and exhibitions and take advantage of discussion critique and collaboration. An integrated and vibrant community of artists, it was initially conceived by founder Yossi Govrin four years ago at the height of competition from dot com companies and film studios for affordable spaces in Santa Monica. Drawing on 18 years experience of creating and running one of the first such art centers in Santa Monica, Govrin approached the city of Santa Monica in 2000 and was awarded the project in early 2001. With partner Sherry Frumkin who has owned a gallery in Santa Monica for the past 14 years, the project was finally approved for construction in December 2003. As part of the project, 2400 square feet were dedicated for ARENA 1 Gallery, an exhibition space where cutting edge work is featured in shows organized by curators across the globe. Santa Monica Art Studios is at the heart of a series of arts related improvements at the airport that will anchor the area and contribute to the growing reputation of Santa Monica as a cultural mecca.

The Center for the Study of Political Graphics collects, preserves, and exhibits posters relating to historical and contemporary movements for social change. Through its varied programs, CSPG is reclaiming the power of art to educate and inspire people to action.

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